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Wet Season Health

By January 17, 2021Uncategorized

Every season brings different health challenges with it and our body has to be ready to face them. The wet season brings lot of greenery, spectacular waterfalls and a lovely cooler climate with it. However, it also invites flooding and helps the mosquitoes breeding process. The hot, humid and wet weather makes it favorable for the micro-organisms to reproduce and multiply. This can results in many diseases and skin infections.

Cold and flu are common illness that is found in the wet season and this is usually due to fluctuation in the temperature. The body is susceptible to bacterial and viral attack and this is the most common form of viral infections. To protect the body eat highly nutritious foods to strengthen the immunity. Stay hydrated and keep up your fluid intake, just because it is cooler doesn’t mean you should cut back on your water. Cleanliness is very important and you should clean your hands regularly and continue to use sanitizer.

The weather becomes favorable to water-borne insects as well. There are many mosquito born diseases which can be very painful and unpleasant to deal with. Dengue fever, Ross River Virus are common in the tropics. Keeping the body protected from any form of mosquito bite can ensure safety. This can be done by the use of preventive measures such as mosquito nets, repellent creams and mosquito coils.

The dampness caused due to gloomy weather and constant rain increases the growth of fungus in the surroundings. These pollutants are infectious to asthma patients as they cause bronchital disorders. Keep the damp places like toilets and bathroom free from mould.

If you have an open wound, keep it as dry as possible and make sure it stays clean. Infections can spread quickly.

Precautions for the rainy season are really easy and practical! If in doubt and you are not well call your local doctor for a check up.