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JulEye – National Eye Health Awareness Month

JulEye has three core aims: 

  • to raise community awareness of eye health issues; 
  • to raise funding for research projects into the causes and cures of vision impairment and blindness; and 
  • to support international development projects whose goals are aligned with those of ANZEF. 

This JulEye, ANZEF is working hard to raise public awareness of simple prevention measures to common household eye injuries. With more and more people staying indoors and tackling DIY projects and complex recipes, eye injuries are on the rise. The Australian and New Zealand Eye Foundation (ANZEF) will be campaigning to increase the public’s knowledge of simple prevention measures. ANZEF is also seeking to raise public awareness of ophthalmology – largely in the context of the role of the ophthalmologist when injuries do occur.

Did you know? 

About 30% of all eye injuries occur in the domestic setting? DIY, car repairs and gardening have been shown to be a common cause of eye injury especially amongst males. Nearly all of these eye injuries can be prevented by taking the simple precaution of wearing suitable eye protection.

Suitable eye protection is that which is:

  • designed for the particular task at hand,
  • correctly fits the wearer, and
  • complies with the relevant AS/NZS standards for that activity.

If you are a RANZCO member and want to assist in the JulEye campaign, please contact us via