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Healthy Bones Action Week | 17-23 August 2020

By August 17, 2020Uncategorized

Since the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions earlier in the year, Aussies are spending more time at home than ever before. This has the potential to have a lasting impact on bone health.

This year Healthy Bones Action Week will embrace online fitness and wellness trends to provide Aussies with daily video inspiration to improve their bone health, wherever they are.

To view videos on how to keep your bones healthy, click here:

Healthy Bones Action Week has called on Australians to protect their bones since 1994. People of all ages are encouraged to take three simple actions to build and maintain healthy bones:

Three simple actions to promote and maintain bone health at every life stage

Weight-bearing Workout with Sarah Piotrowski (for full workout version click here)

Want to know what is happening for Healthy Bones Action Week, you can visit