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Gold Bow Day – 1st September 2020

By August 31, 2020Uncategorized

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The ATF is calling upon all Australians to be aware of any changes or symptoms related to thyroid cancer.

Although Thyroid Cancer can affect all Australians of all age groups and demographics, statistics show that younger Australian women are more at risk. Awareness is the key to ensure you do not overlook any symptoms or changes that need to be investigated.

• 2744 women and 1041 men are estimated to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer
during 2020
• Thyroid Cancer was the 9th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2016,
with 2020 estimated figures to remain the same
• Thyroid Cancer increased from 363 in 1982 to 2973 in 2016
• Average survival rate after 5 years is 97% with early diagnosis and treatment

‘ATF Medical Advisor – Professor Bruce Robinson says, “If you have any change of voice, an unexplained cough, breathlessness or difficulty swallowing then a thyroid problem could be the
cause and a thyroid ultrasound is indicated.’

‘Professor Robinson continues, Lumps in the thyroid more than 1.5cm should be biopsied if they are not making thyroid hormones. Biopsy is critical to determine whether lumps are benign or
malignant (cancerous).’

‘Although, if detected early the outcome and recovery is very positive. There are many reasons why thyroid cancer can develop and all Australians need to be aware, particularly if you have a thyroid disorder, family history of thyroid cancer or symptoms that need to be investigated, continues Prof Robinson.’

‘Early detection is essential to ensure nothing is overlooked and the ATF are here to help with information and support patients through their journey,’ says Beverley Garside – ATF CEO.

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